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99.9% guaranteed picking accuracy rate

Order fulfillment has never been faster and more accurate with order picking by robots. Our proprietary AI software optimizes the path the robots take to each pick station with each iteration. Pick to light system enables a highly accurate pick of orders, allowing up to 24 orders to be picked by our IQ fulfillment team associate at a time

3x times productivity of Human operation

Automated order fulfillment increases productivity by 3X compared to manual operations.

Up to 12,000 orders daily fulfillment

Leveraging on robotics technology and warehouse automation, our fulfillment center supports up to 12,000 orders/day.

Up to 15,000 orders daily sorting

Our intelligent sorters coupled with our advanced WMS software solution enables parcel sorting of up to 15,000 orders per day.

No peak season capacity issues

Leveraging on our AI Operated AGVs, order pick velocity is vastly increased and coupled with intelligent sort technology, orders will be fulfilled in an optimal manner eliminating issues caused by seasonal peaks.